Dear Customer
the product you selected enjoys the option FASTLANE.

FASTLANE is a service offered by LEGHORN on a set of its catalogue items, for which the delivery is guaranteed, from the date of acceptance of the order (meaning the date of receipt of payment), as follows:

– Within 24 hours for deliveries in Italy (islands excluded)
– 48-72 hours for deliveries in the European Union,
– Within 4 working days to any other destination in the world.

The service is guaranteed through couriers of proven seriousness (DHL – TNT – FEDEX – UPS).

By using LEGHORN FASTLANE service you will be awarded with additional benefits:

10% discount on the purchase of any other LEGHORN product when made within 30 days from the date of order acceptance;
Free receipt of our newsletter, which regularly presents the latest innovations in the field of identification and traceability, also offering special discounts initiatives – „LEGHORN MONTHLY SPECIAL” – reserved for our subscribers.

If the purchased product is a LEGHORN device for identification and traceability in logistics and transport, the FASTLANE service includes also free access for a month to the web platform, through which you can track in real time movements and events that have occurred to your device.

Thanks for choosing us!